Partial Client List


Brittany is genuine, sincere and intelligent! When she is determined to do something she throws caution to the wind, it becomes her passion and she completely embraces the goal until it is accomplished.
— Ryan Lacey, U.S. Navy Director of Operations, Harvard Graduate, Delta Pilot-SEATTLE
Brittany Tucker has the winning ingredient. Brittany knows how to motivate and inspire employees to want to do their very best. She accomplishes this through making them understand their true value within the organization and how they are connected to the organization’s success. Her character is unmatched, she takes pride in what she does and is a breath of fresh air.
— John Knight, CEO-CCC Group-Atlanta
Thank you, thank you, thank you for a wonderful training. You are amazing and I cannot tell you how much we appreciate you.
— Cati Stone, Executive Director Susan G. Komen-Atlanta
I’ve known Brittany for 16 years as a friend and business accountability partner. This girl was born with glitter in her veins and she shines brightly. She is someone I can always count on, she has a heart of gold and her determination is out of this world. She will not stop unless she helps you reach the top.
— Jai Laurence, Founder/CEO of JL Entertainment Group-Los Angeles
Brittany is an amazing trainer! I’ve seen her train many groups over our time together, and clients love her. She is a gifted professor and cares about her trainees. Beyond her talents with training she is a ball of sunshine. I’ve never met a more positive person who spreads love and gratefulness to others. I’ve also seen her be generous with her time and finances to better other people’s lives. Overall Brittany is a confident professional with a great spirit.
— Melissa Powell, Marketing Coordinator at Aprio-Atlanta
Brittany Tucker gets results. I’ve trusted her to work with my top level clients where she has coached, trained and delivered exceptional service to orthodontists globally. Her dedication and sacrifice to the orthodontic profession for the last 8 years is unparalleled. Clients love her, her energy and her ability to get results for their practices.
— Dr. Dustin Burleson, CEO, Author, Business Strategist-Kansas City
Brittany Tucker is a vivacious innovator with expertise in a number of organizational areas. She has led organizations in the areas of sales, management, leadership, business goals, and strategy. I’ve recommended Brittany to other organizations who have been thrilled with her help.
— Dan King, Attorney, Healthcare Executive-Atlanta
As C.O.O of Lisa Grant Orthodontics I’ve learned from numerous trainers throughout my tenure. I had the pleasure of having Brittany spend the day in our office training on how to serve others and be the practice of choice. Her honest feedback and constructive suggestions made our team embrace her. I will never forget the tiny southern belle who came into our office, stirred things up and created a mindset that lived by our culture. I will forever be grateful for her words of “Knowledge is not power, implementation is”. Her continued support has led us to be named to the 2018 Inc 5000 list. If you have the opportunity to utilize her unbelievable talent to make you see the whole picture, I would say what are you waiting for?
— Robin McElligott, COO Lisa Grant Orthodontics-Chicago
As a business owner of 15 years I’ve turned to Brittany when I need advice. She has an ability to understand my needs immediately and provide an out of the box solution that always blows me away. Her recommendations have saved me thousands and helped me to be a better business leader.
— Dustin Kawa, Entrepreneur, Founder/CEO of Takedown-ATLANTA
What a wonderful trainer that you are. I am so grateful for all that you did. On behalf of the entire Laeta team thank you. We had a wonderful time with you.
— Dr. Mark Sivers, President, Investor, Entrepreneur-Boston
A majority of my life, I’ve been coached on a track. This past year I felt stalled job. I asked for help from a role model, Brittany Tucker. She coached me...”life coached” me and it WORKED! We drew up a game plan with goals and a purpose; I practiced with her and without her (just like running back in the day); she checked-in with motivation and positivity and a couple of months later that stall lifted with a career move.
— Kassi Lee, Collegiate Athlete & Director of Client Services at SportsTrust Advisors
People ask, “How do you have time to do everything?” Other than support from my husband, I use the system tailor made by my intelligent, sweet, giving, and inspiring friend Brittany Tucker. I’ve known her since we were 15, and she’s still one of my favorite human beings. I called Brittany and said, “I need you to set me up for success in 2018.” I wanted a game plan to prioritize all things important from marriage, kids, friends, exercise, laundry, two businesses, and fun things along the way. Brittany’s system allowed me to set goals, and break them down into months, weeks, and even a daily routine to accomplish them. I’m proud to say much of my success this year is owed a day of strategic planning with Brittany. She brightens the world she walks into and I HIGHLY recommend you contact her TODAY for your personal session, your team, or your business. Britt is the BOMB!!!!
— Paige Ewing, Multiple Business Owner + Cool Mom
Ever had the chance to meet a person that makes a positive impression from the start? When I asked Brittany to join as a princess volunteer for Bert’s Big Adventure, I got the most enthusiastic “YES” I’ve ever received! Years have passed and she’s one of our favorite volunteers. Always supportive, upbeat, great with kids, fun, available when we need her, and that doesn’t even crack the surface for me. It makes sense with all of these great characteristics, she’s qualified to train others to find the happiness in their lives.
— Cindy Powers, Bert's Big Adventure Charity